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ArtConnect is the professional network for the art world

Our sites reach a highly targeted audience of artists, arts enthusiasts, collectors, and art industry professionals.

With over 50,000 registered members and 65,000 unique visits every month. ArtConnect is one of the largest platforms for the art world online.

We’re experts on content creation. We know the industry inside and out, and we speak the language of art professionals and art consumers alike. These are some of the types of advertisement that we offer:

Sponsored Post

Give your posts a massive head start on engagement.

Sponsored posts are just like regular ArtConnect posts—only way more visible.

They're also targetable by parameters like gender, location, and interests.


25,000 art professionals get our newsletter every week. This is a great opportunity for your Ad to be seen by the entire art industry.

We offer two Ad placements sizes, small and large.

Magazine Advertorial

Advertorials are an excellent way to promote your brand, integrating seamlessly with exciting new topics, they capture genuine media attention.

With 20,000 monthly readers we can guarantee that your message will be heard. Our content team will work with you to write an article that fits your brand and objectives.


Instagram Ad: we will create targeted paid ads to promote your opportunity or service using our Instagram account.

Reach: 250k-500k impressions /day (budget depending)

Instagram "in-feed": we will make a post regarding your topic on our instagram feed.

Reach: 18k followers


Facebook Ad: we will create targeted paid ads to promote your opportunity or service using our Facebook account.

Reach: 500k - 1M impressions day (budget depended)

Facebook “in-feed”: we will make a post regarding your topic on our facebook page.

Reach: 27k followers

Banner Ads

Banner advertising is a guaranteed way to call attention to your brand. With multiple options for placement and size, banner ads can take the visitor from ArtConnect to your website or a specific landing page:

  • 250 x 250 Square.

  • 200 x 200 Small Square.

  • 728 x 90 Leaderboard.

Marketing Report

Following your marketing campaign, you will receive a comprehensive report, detailing your marketing campaigns performance.

These top art organizations all rely on ArtConnect to get visibility for their events and opportunities and to connect with high-quality artists all over the world.

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